As a botanist, Nita uses this knowledge to ‘play’ with botanical illustration and move her works towards the modern form.  Pen and ink is currently her favourite medium but on occasion colour creeps in and energises  the piece. Graphic design fills much of her spare time at present in the form of logos and china pieces for volunteer organisations. Nita enjoys offering her love of line and spaces for the enjoyment of others. Often she works along with other artists. For example the fine china pieces for Myall Park Botanic Garden began as a joint design but she continued on alone with further pieces and design refinement.

Also creeping into Nita’s works are representatives of the fauna of Australia. Emus and echidnas especially appear often on her studio table.

Her paintings have been exhibited in Australia, England and New Zealand. Her work is in public and private collections around the world.

Classes in botanical art and botany at Mapleton Community Library 2021

2020 ‘Fun with daisies’ colour pencil

Another recent colour pencil – ‘Three parrots having fun’. Especially designed for the local Kindergarten as I was invited to work along with the 3-5 year olds.

Recently not only working with kindergarten children but also producing short films for the aged and disable for Range Care Flaxton

Past exhibitions:

2017  November 16 – 22   Floressence Botanical Artists Society  Queensland Brisbane Botanic Gardens 9am to 4pm – shared exhibition

2017 March  Maroochy Botanic Garden – exhibition

2016 November 15 – 21  Brisbane Botanic Gardens Floressence exhibtion 9am to 4pm

2016 NOW Coorey Butter Factory  Shared Exhibition  until early December

Exhibtion Myall Park Botanic Garden October to December

Exhibition ‘Birds, Bugs and Botanica’ 4-19 April Very successful exhibition

‘Habitat’ Dogwood Crossing Miles, Queensland

Current display and sale at ‘The Twig and Berry’ Newstead, Brisbane

Contact nita at  numerous art works for sale, workshops and commissions.

Children’s book: ‘Pinpoint’ – children’s book published August 2013   $15 plus postage

Colouring book ‘ Range of Colour’  Published November 2015  $15 plus postage Order now.   colouring book promtional brochure $15

Gift cards – blank – are available with envelopes: single $3.50 or pack of four $10four-blank-cards-image

Paintings include:

Eucalyptus youngiana Pen and ink botanical art $295 - shrink wrapped ready for framing

Eucalyptus youngiana
Pen and ink botanical art
$295 Shrink Wrapped ready for framing

Grevillea 'Dorothy Gordon' Pen and ink $250 - shrink wrapped ready for framing

Grevillea ‘Dorothy Gordon’ Pen and ink
$250 – shrink wrapped ready for framing

Emu with a bow tie Pen and ink $95

Emu with a bow tie Pen and ink $95

Recipe book coverrecipe_cover_Myall_Park_Botanic_Gardenthree mixed worksthree flora drawingsthree fauna works

Pinpoint rolling and rolling

Pinpoint rolling and rolling – main character of ‘Pinpoint’ a children’s story book

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